Monday, July 20, 2009

Vaeh turns three!

Since my dad was in town we decided to have Vaeh's party this last Saturday. We started off the day finishing up our crayon cake.(No, I'm not very creative. I got the idea from a friend on facebook.) After we finished our cake we had a ton of leftover frosting of all sorts of colors, and I hate to waste, so we took it outside and finger painted with it. It was lots of fun, and because Vaeh has a passion for eating her art projects, this was perfect. Even I participated! That will be a repeater.

Aaron spent the day working on Jason and Lisa's house with my dad, so it was just us until 4 when they came home. They almost got all the walls done and we should be ready for trusses on both the Wilson house and Jason and Lisa's place by Wednesday, or maybe even Tuesday! That's 3 houses in a month!

Back to the party...
I swear the older my children get the harder parenting gets, but its also a lot more fun! When her cousins got here we opened presents, and that was hilarious. If any of you know my nephew Jordy, you know he LOVES to help. Jordy's definition of helping is a little confused though. He would take her present and unwrap it for her. For the most part, she didn't mind as long as she got the present when it was opened. The presents were a hit! I think her favorites were all the art supplies, especially the play doh from uncle Drew. (FYI she gave Drew a hug for the first time. It was a pretty big deal because she is usually scared of Drew, but she even shared her fruit snacks with him. It was really sweet!)

After the presents we had a water balloon fight. I think this will be a Vaeh birthday tradition. It takes forever to fill them, and they are pretty much gone in about 5 minutes, but all the kids have so much fun with them. The adults love it too! Mom was pegging everybody! Who knew she had it in her?

All in all, it was a really fun day! I love being a mom! I have the greatest kids!

The finger painting

Jordy thought this umbrella was the cute!

Vaeh and her glasses and umbrella

Vaeh and Ammon loved the easel. Thanks Grandpa Wayne!

Grandy throwing a balloon to Vaeh

And this is Vaeh after Daddy broke a balloon over her head

Joseph and I enjoying the fight

The crayon cake

And of course I had to throw one in of our home. This is it with the plumbing and window wells. Just waiting on the cement now!

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