Friday, July 10, 2009

On to the next house!

So we finished our part of the Prather house, for now anyway, and have moved on to the Wilson's house in Santaquin! We started on Tuesday and its been going slow. Maybe that's because the first house's first day we finished porch cap, greenplate, and basement walls, and even rim joist. Then again that was a Saturday. On Saturdays everbody comes in. I am guessing this Saturday we will probably be starting on Lisa and Jason's house.

So far we have the basement walls up, greenplate on, and Lisa and I just laid the rim joists yesterday! Porch cap is still moving slowly, but they are close to finishing.

Sorry there aren't any pics. I would think from an outsiders Point of view most of the pics look familiar, especially because this house is the same plan as the last one we worked on.

Our house has been backfilled and the window wells put on, so I am guessing we will be starting it in about a week. Once we start building our house I will post more pictures.

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