Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update from the Merrill's

Well, I guess I haven't posted since Sage was born, and that was 6 months ago!  I can't believe how time flies!

Life with 3 kids is CRAZY!  Seriously, these kids keep me busy.  My house is a pretty big mess most days because somebody always needs to be held, fed, or helped with something.  I'm lucky I have a husband who likes to clean.
 My rock star husband with all our kids

Sage is my little super baby!  This kid has been smiling at us since he was 2 days old, laughing since about 4 weeks, rolling over both ways at about 3 months, crawling since he was 4 months and sitting up at 5 months!  By five months my other kids were smiling and laughing.  Oh, and he is getting two bottom teeth!  I'm not too surprised though because I remember that in my tummy this baby was ACTIVE!   He is as sweet as can be too.  He has this cute way of looking at you, smiling, and turning away abruptly as if he's flirting with you.  And he reaches now.  If he wants you to hold him he will reach for you.

Sitting up

Lovin' the water
Joby has finally given up his binkey!  It did take a little coaxing from me, but he made the final decision to throw it in the trash.  I told him we were all going to do it together(Sage, Joby and I).  So first I had him find all of Sage's binkey's and throw them in the trash.  It worked like a charm!  He asked for it a few times that day, but not since, and its been about a week and a half.  Now we are seeing a whole new side to Joby.  He has loads of energy, and stubbornness, and he's spunky, and silly!  It has been really fun, and a bit more difficult, to see this new boy arise.  Him and Sage are already best friends.  He wants to wrestle Sage all the time, and even though it would seem like Joby is hurting Sage, he just laughs and smiles.  Sage LOVES it!  Its really cute.  
 before with his "oranch bikki" as he called it

After, horsing around with Sage

Vaeh is turning 5 on Saturday!  Can you believe it?  5 years ago she was about to be born. Holy moly, she is school age!  And she is all kindergarten ready.  She knows her ABCs, colors, she can type and write her name.   The only thing is, she wont be going to school.  That's right, we are homeschooling!  Her favorite thing to do, is art!  Her newest creation is to combine paint and glitter, and its really pretty!  She is fun, sassy, and loves to tell others what to do. :)  She is her mother's daughter.  She also just got her ears pierced!  After much coaxing from other relatives, she says to me one morning, "Okay mommy, lets go get my ears pierced."  She was very brave, although she told me afterward that she almost cried.  She's really good at taking care of them and often has to remind me to clean them.

 Right after she got her ears pierced

 Maybe my favorite picture of her yet.  This was all her, except I did her hair, but the pose and the shoes are all her.  See that sass shining through? :)

As for Aaron and I, we have a whole slew of things going on.  If you didn't know yet I have a few new blogs that you should follow.  The first is Home Construction to Home Birth: All things DIY, where we are cataloging all of our DIY adventures, as well as any kind of DIY tips and info.  So far we've posted about our garden here, and our new stair gate here.  And there's plenty more of that.  We still have our back splash in our kitchen to do, our laundry room, and we just bought an awesome new table saw, router, and router table to start our woodworking adventures!  Aaron's been watching a ton of videos of how to make box joints and dovetail joints and can't wait to get started.

My biggest new venture and other blog I started is Paparazzi By Lyndsey.  It all started at the Freedom festival.  My sister in law saw this awesome booth where they were selling really cute jewelry and hair accessories and everything was $5.  She told me about it, but by the time I got there(maybe an hour after she told me) they were almost sold out!  Lisa(my sis in law) decided she liked it so much she wanted to start selling it, and if you know Lisa, you know she is smart, especially with her money.  So that go me to thinking.  Now I've done Xocai before(selling healthy chocolate), so I was a little timid to do this kind of thing again, but in the end I decided I loved the jewelry and I wanted to introduce people to accessorizing on the cheap.  If you haven't clicked on the link yet here are a few pictures:

This is a very small idea of the sort of stuff you can get for $5.  Cute, right?  Almost all the necklaces come with earrings too!  I am getting my first shipment in today, and I'm pretty excited about it.  If you guys would help me out by following my blog, and liking my facebook page, I would sure appreciate it.  I need so many likes before I get my own facebook url, and I need a few more to make than happen.

Well folks, that's all for now.  Stay tuned to all of my blogs for new jewelry, diy adventures, and family updates.  Thanks for reading!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

New blog

Hey all, I'm starting a new blog about my diy adventures called My Alternative Life.  I probably wont keep up with this blog anymore, or if I do, it will be mostly family stuff.  So hop on over and follow my new blog!