Saturday, May 1, 2010

Reupholstering a Toddler Couch

So, we still haven't finished our sprinklers yet, but its not because of this project!  We needed to switch the heads from pop ups to rotaries and are just waiting for the sprinkler guy to finish our plans and deliver the parts.  In the mean time, I got bored!  I really LOVED making the bed, and wanted to do more with my house.  Other than knock-offwood  (the inspiration for the bed), my other favorite blog to follow is All Things Thrifty courtesy of my friend Mackenzie Walker(thanks again by the way, I totally LOVE her blog!).
Anywho, she has TONS of fun stuff on her blog, but the one I decided to conquer was reupholstering my daughter's couch.  It was somewhat unsightly to begin with, but over the last year and a half since we bought it it has become covered in marker, and tons of other stains.
Ugly, right?  There has been a lot of spilling on this poor little couch!  So I decided it needed a makeover.  On the blog I mentioned earlier there is this tutorial that was super easy to follow, and she made it sound easy.  Plus, it was a toddler couch.  How much could I mess that up?  Luckily, it was easy!  It was a bit time consuming taking all the staples out to take the fabric off, but once it was off it took about 2 hours to finish!  I am so pleased with it, and of course, I can't wait to start my next project!  I've found a fun new hobby!  Here's the end result.  I didn't even realize that I picked the same colors for the couch as my living room and dining room walls.  I really like blue and brown together, apparently.

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  1. It turned out SO cute! I love the colors you picked! I'm so glad you like that website! Its my cousin Brooke, she is so talented, and I love that she shows you step-by-step how to do it, and on a budget!