Monday, April 19, 2010

Building a bed

So we finished out very first building project from Ana of KnockoffWood and it turned out great!  From start to finish we built and finished(painted) the bed in about 6 days.  We had a few problems, but overall it was fun and easy!  Vaeh's bed had been sitting on the floor for almost a year!  I had been meaning to just buy a metal frame, but couldn't spend $40 on a new one and couldn't find any cheap or free ones.  So we discovered Ana's website and fell in love with this bed.  Total it cost to build was a bout $140.  I know, its a lot more than $40, but this bed is beautiful and it will hopefully last her until she gets married, and even then maybe her and her hubby will want to share a full.  Who knows?  And the reason it ended up being so much is that we didn't have any supplies.  You'd be surprised at how much the cost of screws, wood putty, wood glue, sand paper, primer and paint add up!  The lumber by itself was about $80.

I also have to thank Rayan of The Frugal Designer.  She did a guest post on Ana's site about antique finishing that I thought would look perfect for Vaeh's bedroom.  We(or rather she) decided she wanted a Tinker bell bed spread so I thought we would design her room around that.  So we decided to put a purple underlayment under the white so that when we sanded the edges the purple would show through.  It turned out better than I thought it would and I LOVED the effect!

We still have a ways to go for the rest of her bedroom, but so far my husband and I like our daughter's room more than ours.  Its just so cozy!  I think we were more excited than she was, although she loves jumping on her bed now. 

Next up on the agenda is to put the same finish on the nightstand and decoupage some pretty fabric on it to spice it up a little.  Then we are going to paint the whole room a lavender color.  Its going to be pretty!  But my husband says we have to finish the landscaping first :(.  Probably a good idea.  I would like some grass in the yard!
I've got some big plans for our little house though, so stay tuned!

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  1. i love this finish, you did an amazing job! you made mama proud dear! hahah
    if you guys are in need of a little landscaping help, you let me's my fav and i pump out budget friendly landscaping plans like a mad woman! xx rayan