Monday, September 7, 2009

Fastest built house so far

So on Saturday we started building the exterior walls at our house.  I was there in the morning from 8 to two and during that time the biggest exterior wall in the back got put up and two more were in progress.  I helped cut blocking and headers, and Aaron and Jason were working on the exteriors walls with Ryan and his dad.  Aaron, Ryan and Jason stayed until 8:30 and in that time they finished all the exterior walls, half of the interior walls and even started the garage walls!  Woohoo! 

Today Aaron and I went in the morning to get the double top plate on and Ryan came with some of his inlaws to finish the interior walls and do the stairs.  So now we are just waiting for the garage walls to get finished and we can fly trusses.  From what I've seen that usually takes a few days, so I am guessing we can fly trusses late Wednesday night or Thursday.  We'll see.

As far as the other houses go the Wilson's and Jason and Lisa's have almost finished the drywall, and Monica's roof is almost all shingled.  So we almost have 5 down, 3 to go!
Lifting the longest back wall
More lifting
And its up!
Pausing for a pose
looking at the dining room, kitchen and living room from the front door
this is the hallway to the bedrooms and bathrooms(our master is the last room in the back on the left, the kids rooms will be on the right)
The front
The back

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  1. Yay! We're officially over halfway done (with framing)!!