Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Savvy shopper

For the last few months I have been following a blog from a lady who bargain shops with coupons and all that savvy shopper stuff.  For a while I thought, "that's too much work to find all the bargains and coupons and go to all the different stores she was getting her deals from".  Then I saw her annual breakdown of how much she spent vs how much she saved.  This woman on average spent about $100 a month on groceries and household items!  Not just that, but she saved from $100 to $1000 every month!  So that means she got $200-$1000 worth of stuff every month for $100!  So after seeing that I was sold!

I am now following about 3 blogs of people who show you where to get the deals/coupons and whatever else to cut your grocery bill.  In fact, today one of the bloggers went shopping and bought $104 worth of groceries for $7!  I also subscribe to the Pinching Your Pennies newsletter,   and a bunch of couponing sites.  Its not nearly as complicated as I once thought it to be either.  All of these resources just show me where to get the coupons.  They also have shopping lists for several different grocery stores so that you know whats on sale where.  I've already had one fun shopping trip where I bought $70 worth of groceries for $40, but I am determined to do better.  Right now I don't have my printer hooked up to print coupons. Once I get that up and running its going to be money saving madness!  I've also got some fun tips for shopping online too!

So I suppose many of my future posts will be on my savings.  After all, the more I save the more I can buy.  Aaron is starting Capoeira classes this week due to our projected savings, and I'm hoping we can even start saving for an awesome family vacation sometime this year.


  1. Hey! I linked over to you guys from Joe and Martha's blog. (Your new house looks awesome, btw. Congrats!)

    What are these money-saving blogs that you're following? And where do you go to sign up for that newsletter? Thanks :)

  2. The blogs are "Slave to Save" and "Jane4girls $800 Annual Budget". Both are really good. And if you go to Pinchingyourpennies.com you can enter your email and they will send you lots of fun tips! I am also a fan on facebook and get all their profile updates on savings. Its pretty awesome! Their website has a lot of resources on it too.

  3. Oh wow...that'll be fun! Even better than belly-dancing ;)

  4. I can't wait to see how well you do. I can't get the stores around here to take internet coupons so I will never be able to save that much.UGH!
    I'm glad that I found you.