Friday, November 20, 2009

A little family talk

So it occurred to me that I haven't really posted about family life in a while, and the last time was a little depressing what with the crazy mom rantings.  Life has been pretty crazy since we started building, and the kids have definitely suffered.  Joseph has become super clingy(sleeping with us almost every night) and Vaeh has become very attention hungry.  Understandable.  I try and take it all a day at a time and recognize they miss their parents.  They go with my mom 2-3 times a week, which is a lot considering previous to that they rarely went with any babysitter.  Since the start of building I basically see the kids more, and Aaron less.  Needless to say some days I really enjoy building to get away.

Aaron and me about to celebrate our 4th Anniversary(picture taken by Vaeh.  Not bad for a three year old!)

Vaeh is 3 and a half and is a typical three year old, from what I've been told by other moms of three year olds.  She is extreme in every emotion!  If she's happy, she's bouncing off the walls, if she's mad, it gets ugly.  She likes things to go her way, and is very stubborn, just like somebody else in the family;)  She is also very sweet, smart, and a great sister.  She loves to sing and dance, but only if you're not looking.  Its very cute.  I think our neighbor Martha is her best friend.  She wants to be over there all the time, which is funny because Martha is my age. (You're the best Martha!)  She is currently learning the sounds letters make courtesy of PBS kids :)

 Vaeh at her gymnastics class(which she pretty much hated)

Joseph, or Jobie as we like to call him, is a doll.  He is happy all the time if his parents are around.  I've heard he is usually agreeable for others after about 5 minutes of crying.  His laugh is adorable and sounds like he is trying to fake it.  He is sort of walking.  By sort of I mean every few days he feels brave enough to take a few steps, but hasn't given up crawling yet.  I think it will be soon though.  He loves playing with his sister, which can be inconvenient since she mostly feels like he is taking her stuff.  Every once in a while they play really well together and it is priceless!  He is a daddy's boy all the way when daddy is home.  When daddy isn't home he will settle for our neighbor Joseph. He is like a surrogate daddy to Jobie.  Needless to say our neighbors will be sorely missed when we move. 

Jobie taking some of his first steps

Speaking of moving our scheduled move in date (as of a few days ago, which I think is pretty accurate) is December 21st.  I am not thrilled to be moving right before Christmas, but am thrilled to be almost finished.  Currently I am working on rock and have 3 and a half houses left to finish.  Our house is almost complete.  All we need now is carpet, and to have our deck finished.  It really looks like a house!  All the bathrooms need is caulk around the tubs and they will be finished.  As far as the other houses go only two need cabinets, and once the cabinets are in it pretty much flies. 

The rock on our house almost done exclusively by me :)

Life has been a ride these last few months, and I'm glad things will be settling down soon.  We hope to have a house party after we've put sod in(in the spring) so stay tuned!


  1. Way to go on the house Lyndsey! I'd love to still get together. Sending my love!

  2. The house is looking great! Your kids are so cute, I totally know what you mean about having an emotional daughter! My daughter is 21 months and it is like a roller coaster sometimes! Such a cute family. :)

  3. I totally know what you mean! I'm so ready to have my husband back, and my kids sure are, too. But hey, on the upside...Tony said maybe by the 15th!