Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Man, this is dragging on

Here we are almost finished with the 8th house and everyone is all but burned out!  We are all starting to hate each other and are getting sick, which you can imagine doesn't make for much of a working environment.  Today is the first snow of the season, which normally might have been fun, but for all of us it is a huge obstacle to finish the last two houses.  The 7th house still needs shingles and doors and windows, and probably some other things inside too.  The 8th house is almost ready for trusses.  Our supervisor wants us to have it ready by tomorrow, but with the snow I think it would be a miracle.  I'm sick as well, so I can't go out and help.  Our supervisor has put us on a schedule so that we can be in by Christmas.  Its pretty tight, and I still have hope that we can get it done.  I am begging at this point for volunteers!  Please, we need you now more than ever!  I promise you don't even have to use power tools.  You can help us put rock on the houses, which isn't hard, it just takes a long time.  Help us get in before Christmas! 
Here's a few pictures of our house with the stucco on.  As of yesterday they put in all our light fixtures too!

Those boxes are our rock

This is from the south side.

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